A Message from the Program Director

Prevention is the key to health and an integral part of primary care. Physicians play an important role in advising their patients and promoting prevention. With the ongoing current debate over health care reform, it is almost certain that prevention will play an even larger role in our health care system. Unfortunately, most residency programs do not pay sufficient attention to train residents in skills needed to effectively promote prevention to their patients. Furthermore, residency programs in general lack rigorous training in research methods, evidence based medicine, community health, public health, occupational medicine, epidemiology, and health policy to enable each residency trained physician to be an essential member of health care community. Such skills are provided comprehensively by preventive medicine residency programs. Sequential residencies in primary care and preventive medicine, the currently available means of obtaining thorough preparation in both clinical and population-based principles, represent an inefficient, generally unappealing, and non-integrated approach.

Since 1995, we have successfully offered a combined training in internal medicine and preventive medicine. We were the first program in the country to offer such training. I am glad to see that many other programs have since followed our example. Our program fully integrates internal and preventive medicine residency training in to one seamless training experience. The program meets, and generally exceeds, the requirements of both specialty boards over a 4-year period. The program provides extensive training in clinical, preventive, and public health skills, research methods, evidence based healthcare, and cost-effective care, conferring the MPH degree and leading to dual board eligibility. This model program fully meets the demands of the modern health care environment in the US. This program is ideal for highly competitive candidates who wish to pursue academic positions, conduct clinical research, broaden their horizon and diversify their career, or pursue advanced fellowship positions. I hope that you will review information provided on our website. We always encourage further inquiries.

-Haq Nawaz, MD, MPH